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Captive Warriors: A Vietnam POW’s Story
Code of Honor
Forgotten Patriots: The Untold Story of American Prisoners During the Revolutionary War
Chained Eagle: The Heroic Story of the First American Shot Down Over North Vietnam
Two Souls Indivisible: The Friendship That Saved Two POWs in Vietnam
The Passing of the Night: My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese
Winking at Death: Memoir of a World War II POW
No Surrender : A World War II Memoir
Sacrifices for Patriotism: A Korean POW Remembers the Forgotten War
Seven Years In Hanoi: A POW Tells His Story
POW Korea: A Memoir
What a Way to Spend a War: Navy Nurse Pows in the Philippines
I Am Alive!: A United States Marine’s Story of Survival in a World War II Japanese POW Camp
2,355 Days: A POW’s Story
Not Without Honor: The Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano; With Accounts by John C. Bitzer and Bill Blackmon
Escape From Davao: The Forgotten Story of the Most Daring Prison Break of the Pacific War
Bail Out: POW 1944-1945
Libby Prison and Beyond: A Union Staff Officer in the East, 1862-1865
Every Road Leads Home: Memoirs of Jule C. Spach, POW-World War II
Korea: One POW’s Story
Five Years to Freedom: The True Story of a Vietnam POW
And the Wind Blew Cold: The Story of an American POW in North Korea
We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
Rice, Men and Barbed Wire
Escape from Laos
POW #3959: Memoir of a World War II Airman Shot Down Over Germany
Devil At My Heels: A Heroic Olympian’s Astonishing Story Of Survival As A Japanese POW In World War II
No Ordinary Life: Memoir of a WWII Bombardier
Through the Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam
Andersonville Diary: Escape, and List of Dead, with Name, Co., Regiment, Date of Death and No. Of Grave in Cemetery
Recollections of Life on the Prison Ship Jersey in 1782: A Revolutionary War-Era Manuscript
My Private War: Liberated Body, Captive Mind: A World War II POW’s Journey
Prisoner at War: The Survival of Commander Richard A. Stratton
Sitting It Out: A World War II POW Memoir
Unexpected Prisoner: Memoir of a Vietnam POW
To D-Day and Back: Adventures with the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and Life as a World War II POW: A Memoir
Survivors: Vietnam P.O.W.s Tell Their Stories
The Life and Adventures of Christopher a Prisoner on Board the Old Jersey Prison Ship During the War of the Revolution
Behind the Barbed Wire: Memoir of a World War II U.S. Marine Captured in North China in 1941 and Imprisoned by the Japanese Until 1945
Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi
American POWs in Korea: Sixteen Personal Accounts
Bataan: A Survivor’s Story
Two Gold Coins and a Prayer: The Epic Journey of a World War II Bomber Pilot, Evader, and POW
Scars and Stripes
When Hell Was in Session
They Came Home: Korean War POWs Tell Their Stories
Surviving Hell: A POW’s Journey
The Narrative of John Blatchford: Detailing His Sufferings in the Revolutionary War while a Prisoner with the British
Escape!: Memoir of a World War II Marine Who Broke Out of a Japanese POW Camp and Linked Up with Chinese Communist Guerrillas
Sketches from Prison: A Confederate Artist’s Record of Life at Point Lookout Prisoner-Of-War Camp, 1863-1865
Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam’s Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned
Remembered Prisoners of a Forgotten War: An Oral History of Korean War POWs
I Held Lincoln: A Union Sailor’s Journey Home
Bataan Death March: A Survivor’s Account
In Love and War: The Story of a Family’s Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years
A Moment in Time: A Korean P.O.W. Survivor’s Story
Dagger Four Is OK: Brig. Gen. Norman C. Gaddis POW Memoir
Under the Wire
Bataan Survivor: A POW’s Account of Japanese Captivity in World War II
Yank: Memoir of a World War II Soldier (1941-1945)